Front Porch Fall Refresh

I wish I knew who said, “My favorite color is October,” as I’d like to thank them for capturing so simply the beauty this time of year brings. I love seeing homes decked out with beautifully colored pumpkins, flowers and other decorations of the season. So when it came time to do a little seasonal sprucing up, I jumped at the chance to refresh our front porch. 

This year, I kept things simple and reused a green and cream velvet pumpkin wreath originally from Home Goods a few years ago. It goes so well with whatever color palette gets used year to year. 

The mums were a steal (3 for $12!) from my local ShopRite. I filled my trunk with four pots plus a large hanging basket. Unfortunately, I misremembered that it is my screened-in side porch that has hooks for hanging potted plants versus my front porch, so I’m not able to hang anything from the front of the house at this time. 

The pumpkins are the result of our three pumpkin picking outings this year. I’m really into mixing different colors and shapes of pumpkins with my personal favorite being the blue-green variety. White pumpkins are a close second and must have in my book. Additionally, I had to pick up a “Cinderella” pumpkin to commemorate Luna’s Halloween costume this year (more to come on that!).

The pièce de résistance, however, has to be my new “hope you brought wine” doormat from Target’s Threshhold™ line. With a toddler and a new baby at home, it is the perfect warning message to our guests (BTW, if you’re planning to visit, my fave this time of year is pinot noir) 🤣