Trader Joe’s Fall Haul

Before you read on, you must know I am one of those people. The pumpkin spiced this, pumpkin spiced that obsessed people. No regrets, no shame about it. So needless to say, when I go food shopping during fall at Trader Joe’s, I go all-in. 

Before embarking on my quest, I consulted one of my besties, Emily, who is also a pumpkin devotee to make sure I picked the best items from the proverbial (pumpkin) patch. We exchanged thoughts on must-haves and what to pass on and I set off on my fall haul mission (with Emily still on the phone line, so I could give her a virtual TJ’s experience 😄). While the majority of my purchases are pumpkin infused, I also took the opportunity to pick up other seasonal items. 

Here’s a recap of my purchases and if I would love it or “🍂it” next time:

Pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookie mix 🧡

When Emily casually said, “Well, you’ll have to get the pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookie mix, but you must have had that before, they have it every year,” I was stunned. How had I never purchased let alone seen this product before? After combing the aisles, I still could not find the canister. So while checking out, I chatted up the friendly cashier and told her about my dilemma. While the cashier had never had the cookie mix before (in case you’re wondering, her favorite TJ’s pumpkin product is the mini ice cream cones, which unfortunately was not in stock) she knew where to find it and graciously ran to grab me one. Phew! There is a reason TJ is known for its customer service…

The first time I tried these, I was underwhelmed. While I love pumpkin spice, at first bite these had, in my opinion, an almost savory, curry-like flavor versus a sweet and spicy cookie taste (and I love curries!). Just not something I desire in a cookie. I did love the chocolate chunks and seriously chewy texture, though. So after trying them again, my opinion started to change. I bought the mix a second time to have in the pantry when a cookie urge strikes.   

Spiced Pumpkin Madeleines 🧡

Buttery with a good texture and amount of pumpkin spice, these French style cakes are a great snack, especially with coffee

Pumpkin Brioche Twist 🍂

Would not buy again. I love the idea, but this was dry and not very flavorful. Would probably be a good base for French toast, as the package suggests, though. 

Organic Frosted Pumpkin Toaster Pastries 🧡

If Poptarts had offered a pumpkin flavor when I was a kid, I would have been hooked! These were nostalgic of the toaster pastry I grew up on but with the pumpkin spice flavor I crave as an adult. Two thumbs up. 

Pumpkin Rolls 🧡🧡🧡

THESE. ARE. SO. GOOD! I knew I would like these but I wasn’t sure about my husband, who loves cinnamon rolls but does not like pumpkin spiced anything. I popped these in the oven one Saturday morning and we devoured the pan together (ok, we shared one with our toddler). I ended up buying two more cans to have for easy fall breakfasts and brunches. 

Pumpkin Flavored Joe’ Joe’s 🍂

I’d buy them again but I’m afraid I’d eat the whole box and I’d rather save my calories for other pumpkin spice flavored goods I haven’t tried yet. Plus, I have a box of Halloween Joe Joe’s waiting for me in the pantry… 

Maple Leaf Cookies 🧡

Love these! My husband used to bring what I assume is the original version home from trips to Canada, so I was happy to snag a box from Trader Joe’s. These were a big hit with everyone, including my two year old. 

Halloween Joe Joe’s 🍂

Pretty much an Oreo, but cuter 🎃 However, not quite as tasty as an oreo. If I’m buying for flavor alone, I’d go with Oreos; if assembling a themed cookie platter, I’d mix these in.

Big Soft Pretzels 🧡

Instant Oktoberfest! Great to have on hand to elevate a German inspired meal. We like to eat them alongside wurts and sauerkraut…and beer 😉

Sweet Potato Gnocchi 🧡

Love these! I haven’t met a TJ’s gnocchi I haven’t liked.

Root Vegetable Fries 🍂

Interesting! We had these as a side with our favorite veggie burgers. I liked them alright and while my daughter liked the idea of purple fries, unfortunately she did not like the flavor. My attempt at sneaking in more veggies and eating “across the rainbow” didn’t work as planned. 

Rustic Apple Tart 🍂

I bought this for my mom because we have almond allergies in my house and she enjoyed it. However, if you’re going apple picking (and I suggest that you do!) why not just buy a package of TJ’s puff pastry and make your own rustic crostata or galette a la my girl Ina Garten ? It’s nearly as easy as popping a frozen dessert in the oven and you get a sense of accomplishment (plus you get to use up the oversupply of apples you inevitably picked, especially if you’re picking with kids…).

And here are some items I haven’t yet tried but couldn’t resist grabbing. I’ll report back once I’ve sampled them all: 

Haunted House Chocolate Cookie Kit 

A fun indoor activity – we will be making ours soon! 

Pumpkin Cheesecake 

Having missed out on this last year, I was determined to not make the same mistake twice!! Will be keeping in my freezer until Thanksgiving or another socially distant gathering)

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ginger Brew 

Can you say autumnal dark and stormy??

Chocolatissimo Premium Harvest Collection 

Expect to see these atop a Thanksgiving dessert!

Cornbread Mix 

Because it’s chili season and I like to be prepared. 

Savory Corn Pie 

A potential Thanksgiving side, if it makes it until then in my freezer.

Pumpkin Empanadas

Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli

Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix

Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

What are your favorite seasonal items from Trader Joe’s?